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Stunning microcement décors don’t happen by chance, they are the combination of your ideas and our expert touch. Throughout 350 amazing microcement projects, we’ve helped empty-nesters, busy executives, and dynamic homeowners in the UK transform their homes into a lifestyle-friendly and stylish space. With a combined experience of 17 years working with microcement, we can create unique designs that reflect your personality. From microcement floors with seamless elegance to furniture that tell a beautiful story, we help bring your ideas to life. Take a look at our projects gallery for inspiration and ideas you can implement in your space, and then book an obligation-free consultation with our microcement experts.


Revolutionise Your Space

Whether you crave the classiness of traditional design, the refreshing aesthetic of the transitional style, or the subtle sophistication of a contemporary statement, we have the expertise and the microcement or concrete product to bring your ideas to life.

We’ve delivered classy microcement worktops and concrete dining tables that are easy to clean, food-safe, antibacterial, resistant to scratches, stains, chemicals, heat, and mildew. Modern-looking microcement bathroom installations that are stylish yet super hygienic and easy to clean, waterproof, and slip-proof. Visually stimulating microcement floors and microcement stairs that are scratch-resistant and anti-slip. As well as future-proof, long-lasting microcement furniture and microcement wall finish that contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of any space.

Ready to make your home reflect who you are, where you’ve travelled, and what you love? Contact us today or shop our range of premium-quality furniture for your space.

Looking For Microcement Supplies?

If you’re looking for microcement supplies, our sister site  provides a full range of microcement products for professionals and DIY microcement kits.

What is microcement?

What is Microcement?

Microcement is a cement and polymer-based topping, meant to immitate the look of actual concrete when it is applied to walls, floors and other spaces in either homes or commercial spaces. You may also encounter it under the names of micro-screed, micro-concrete or micro-topping. Being a highly adhesive material, thanks to its components (cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments), it can be applied on any type of surface; most importantly, and one of its best qualities, it can be applied onto other materials, such as tiles, marble, plaster and many others.

Thanks to its versatile nature and innovative nature, it has quickly become a favourite when it comes to refurbishing, whether it be your house or your much beloved business environment. With one easily applied, 3 millimeter layer, a cement aesthetic will be achieved where you never thought it would be possible. Among its many benefits, apart from its modern look, it is easily customizable: colour, tone and finish. It is slip free, hygenic and hypoallergenic, which makes it a perfect fit for bathrooms, kitchens, or generally places which are highly populated, especially by the elderly and by children: no stains, easy to clean, and no unhappy accidents if the floor is wet.

Now that you’ve been brought up to speed with all the wonderful uses of microcement, you must be wondering where you can get it. There is no better place than Microcement Concrete, a distributor of the highest quality microcement, with the  largest range in the UK. Take the word of any one of our hundreds of outstanding reviews. The material brings wonderful properties and benefits, and we complete it with a team of highly skilled professionals, specialist tools and the determination to ensure you receive only the best for your projects, all at affordable rates thanks to our great deals. For any enquiries you might have, we are dedicated to transparency, which is why helpful consultants will be there for any clarifications necessary.

Because we know nobody wishes to wait when it comes to getting started on exciting projects, we offer fast delivery. Microcement is pretty much crack proof, but we take no chances when it comes to your complete satisfaction, therefore we also offer 12 month warranty.

There are 5 types of microcement:

Microbase is the deal choice when it comes to rustic walls and floors, thanks to its irregular texture. However, it can also be used as a base, allowing for other types of finishes.

Microstone is, just like its name suggests, very similar to stone, making it the perfect choice for outside coating and the strongest microcement. Thanks to its thick texture, it is non-slippery and can withstand high traffic, both by foot and vehicular.

Microdeck, just like microstone, is highly resistant when it comes to intense traffic, which is why its main use is for floors. It offers and authentic look, as it is strong but medium textured.

Microfino, just like the “fino” in its name suggests, offers a fine finish, ideal for walls, leaving  an almost watermark effect.

Acquacement is the one to go with for pools and ponds, thanks to its resistance to chlorine and salt.

Types of Microcement

Microcement is wonderfully versatile; you can opt for this material for floors, walls, doors, furniture, bathrooms and worktops, stairs and many more. For each of its uses, it brings a set of advantages that places it above other possible options. Even though it’s been around for a long time, its popularity has definitely been rising in recent years, for both its aesthetic and practical benefits. Outdoors and indoors, in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, it brings a plus of style, simplicity, safety and many more. Debris and heavy renovation can be avoided, as micro concrete can adhere to any type of material. Thanks to the thin layer necessary, the flooring won’t be raised, and, on top of that, it is done in one whole piece: no joints. Once your microcement floor, wall or anything else is in place, you know it will last, thanks to its thermal resistance, as well as resistance to heavy traffic, abrasion and any type of cleaning product.

When it comes to its application, while easier than other possible materials, it should always be done by a trained professional, like the ones we have at Microcement Concrete. When it comes to microcement floors, the first step is ensuring the material to which it will adhere is in perfect condition. A layer of primer is applied, followed by two coats of microcement base, two coats of finishing (pigmented) microcement, and last but not least, the incredibly important microcement floor protection: two coats of presealer, and two coats of top sealer. The possibilities of microcement colours and finishes are incredibly vast, and depend on the design and lever of slipperiness that you are looking for: both of these elements depend on the chosen finishing microcement, as well as protection coats. Because this process is best done by hand trowel, it requires much time, effort and precision; it is not something you get done overnight, but it is definitely something our professionals have mastered.

Microcement colours are, just like microcement’s uses, varied and ready to suit any preferences and the aesthetic of the space it is applied in. For a microcement wall, you can opt to keep it industrial looking, with a grey tone and rough texture, go rustic, modern, metallic or more classic; colour possibilities are endless, but it’s their unique combination with all the different finishes and textures that truly conveys the desired final look: smooth or uneven, glossy, satin or matt, high contrast or low contrast colours, or even a desired painting or pattern. Because it is applied by hand, no matter what your option is, it will mean a unique piece of art: no two walls are the same; in fact, we can go as far as saying that no two square meters of any surface made with this material are ever the exact same.

Microcement stairs can not be forgotten either. When it comes to colours and finish, just like the floors, they are incredibly important when it comes to the design of a space, whether it be domestic or industrial. This material can be used on any type of floor: solid risers, open risers, with stringer or without, with two, one or no walls. Industrial, modern, homey, business, you name it, we can get it done.

Bathrooms are one of the most fashionable places to use microcement in nowadays. Its smooth application ensures easier cleaning, while its non-slippery properties make it safe. It is completely waterproof, which means apart from walls and floors, it can also be used in shower cabins or other finishing touches. Similarly in terms of cleanliness, appearance and resistance, a kitchen worktop is another wonderful option for this versatile material; truthfully, no furniture is off limits. Or, moreso, a microcement front!

Last but not least, a microcement door will let people see the beautiful design and uniqueness of the building they are entering, even before having the chance to set foot inside. It is mostly recommended for sliding doors, and it can be the final piece of the puzzle, fitting perfectly the walls and floors of the same material. As previously mentioned, the finishes of microcement are varied, and alongside the different textures and colours, they are one of the main elements that give this material its uniqueness and incredible aesthetic value, whether it be matt, super-matt, satin, glossy or non-slip matt.

Because of the extensive manual labour necessary for application, there are multiple elements that need to be taken into consideration when a price is settled for microcement, such as the total area of application, the type of area, the existing substrate and the necessary preparation, as well as the intricacy of the work. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that the cost of microcement might be higher per square meter for smaller areas, and go down as the area gets larger. However, because we have professionals all over UK, our prices are incredibly competitive.

Microcement as a material is unique and its rise in popularity is definitely well deserved. However, it is the people behind the installation and manual work that ensure the final finish of your walls, floors, furniture and many more are up to par and meet your architectural standards. Microcement Concrete has workers all over UK, prepared to give you the design of your dreams at great prices, so don’t waste any more time: contact our consultant today, find out what works for you and allow us to handle all the work, so you get to enjoy the breathtaking final product!