Microcement Door

Microcement door

As the gateway to and throughout your home, doors play a critical role in the functionality and aesthetic of your home. Normally, if you don’t like the way a door looks, your options are limited to just one – replace it. But, with microcement entering the picture, you can give old doors a new lease on life thereby improving the visual appeal and value of your home.

How Durable is a Microcement Door?

It depends on the handling of the door. Microcement is very durable on stationary surfaces such as floors, walls, and countertops. The durability of a microcement door, however, is influenced by how it is handled and the state of the door – does it swing wildly and slam on the frame? Do the occupants of the house close it gently behind them? How healthy was the door before microcement was installed on it?

If the door is handled properly, microcement will stick to it longer than paint would.

microcement door UK
Microcement door

Does a Microcement Door Look Different?

No. Microcement can be adapted to achieve the same finish whether it is installed on the floor, wall, bathroom, or door. With microcement, we can give your doors a matching finish with the floor or walls.

What Type of Door Works Best for Microcement?

The best type of door to install microcement on is a smooth sliding door. However, microcement can successfully be installed on swinging doors.

What Type of Door Material Can Be Covered in Microcement?

While microcement can be applied to almost any surface, most microcement installations are on wooden doors.

Do I Need to Brush the Doors?

That won’t be necessary. A professionally installed microcement is about 3 mm thick. Doors normally have a clearance of 5 mm between the bottom of the door and the floor. So we don’t necessarily have to plane the doors.

Can Microcement Doors Lose Colour Over Time?

No! The pigment used in microcement is different from, say, fabric dye or printing pigments. Microcement colours are stable and UV resistant, this makes it stable even when exposed to elements in the atmosphere.

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