Microcement Front

Microcement front

When it comes to preparing and cooking meals, nothing beats well-functioning kitchen furniture. Organised kitchen furniture makes mealtime effortlessly delicious and an elegant design imprints an unforgettable impression in the minds of your guests.

For kitchen fronts that look less than spectacular, microcement gives you the flexibility to redesign them to your taste rather than deal with the hassle of moving or the hefty cost of a full kitchen remodelling.

Timeless and Delicate Elegance.

For most homes, the kitchen is where dreams are cooked and exciting memories are created. And as the heart of your home, a kitchen space that isn’t alluring makes the whole house feel soulless and less like home. However, elegant microcement fronts make for a clear mind and help restore the excitement of preparing yummy meals in the cooking space of your dreams.

Microcement front kitchen
Microcement fronts

What Colours Can You Use for Kitchen Fronts?

You can choose complementary, triadic, or analogous colours when designing your kitchen fronts with microcement. However, to avoid creating an eyesore, we recommend that you choose colour(s) that do not clash the preexisting colour theme – we can help with this.

How Long Does It Take to Install Microcement on Kitchen Fronts?

Since kitchen fronts have different designs, we can’t accurately estimate how long it will take to install microcement on them. Having said that, you can expect the whole process to take 10 days, give or take a few days.

Do Microcement Kitchen Fronts Stain?

No! Compared to other materials that absorb stains, especially from frequent handling, microcement is resistant to odours and staining. This means that a couple of years from now, your kitchen fronts will look as exquisite as the day they were installed.

How Much Maintenance Does Microcement Kitchen Fronts Need?

Microcement surfaces need little to no maintenance. It is eco-friendly and doesn’t generate any debris after installation. This means your microcement kitchen fronts will remain clean and dust-free. You can help preserve its aesthetic properties by cleaning it with water and neutral soap, and occasionally apply a self-polishing wax diluted in water.

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