Microcement Furniture

Microcement table

Whether you’re moving into a new space or giving your current home a makeover, microcement furniture is a great way to create a unique look that suits your lifestyle and reflects your personal taste.

Being a versatile and waterproof material, microcement is a fantastic choice for creating stylish indoor and outdoor furniture. Its flexibility and durability make it resistant to the elements, and its seamless finish gives off a look that is aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. We also have a website dedicated entirely to concrete tables where you can see what we offer.

ART Comes Alive.

Art can hang on a wall, be a marble sculpture, or the furniture in a building. A microcement furniture opens a portal to artistic possibilities that will make you proudly welcome guests to your space. Why settle for anything less than exquisite?

Microcement furniture
Microcement table

Beautiful Inside and Out.

The entrance of a building sets the expectation for what’s inside. Pique your guest’s curiosity with stylish and cohesive microcement furniture that is filled with rich details and careful craftsmanship.

Is Outdoor Microcement Furniture weatherproof?

Yes, it is! Unlike the majority of resins that cannot withstand the elements, microcement is a great option for outdoor furniture. The formula used in our product provides good protection from climatic stress, water penetration, UV rays, and de-icing salts.

How durable is Microcement Furniture?

Microcement ages like fine wine. It is tough and resistant to abrasion, even when used outdoors. The pigment we use in beautifying microcement is different and lasts longer than fabric dye or normal paint. This means that any microcement design installed on your front entrance will maintain its beauty for many years.

What Maintenance Does Microcement Furniture need?

Microcement requires little to no maintenance, that’s because it hardens into a waterproof structure when properly sealed. This prevents it from staining or environmental damage.

What you’ll need to maintain its look, especially for outdoor furniture, is periodic cleaning with neutral soap and water. Plus, occasional renewal of the protective layer using self-polishing wax diluted in water. 

Finally, if scratch marks appear on the surface of your microcement furniture (unlikely, but possible) the solution is simply to sand the affected surface and wax it again.

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