Microcement Stairs

Microcement stairs

Besides serving as a medium to convey people to a different floor, stairs have the potential to do so much more. Whether you’re looking at a straight, quarter turns, or spiral staircase, installing microcement on stairs is a fabulous opportunity to introduce elegance and dramatic aesthetic to your interior design.

Colours, Effects, Finishes… the Aesthetic of Microcement Is Outstanding.

From multi-storey houses or offices to shopping malls, properly designed stairs contribute to the overall look of your space. Unlike traditional materials used to decorate stairs, microcement can be adapted to any particular style you can imagine with a variety of textures, colours, and application techniques.

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How Durable Are Microcement Stairs?

Microcement is a strong material that is resistant to compression, abrasion, and even holds its own against UV rays. When used on stairs, it helps prevent the worn-out look typical of stairs that have been trampled by hundreds of feet. Microscreed’s waterproof property means that its application is not just limited to interior stairs, it can withstand exposure to the elements.

Is Microscreed Safe for Staircase?

Yes, it is! Microcement can and is often covered with a water-based, non-slip coating that makes it safe for everyone’s use, including senior citizens and the disabled.

What Maintenance Does Microcement Stairs Require?

Microcement stairs require little to no maintenance. It is eco-friendly and doesn’t generate any debris after installation. This means any surface where microcement is used will be clean and dust-free even if, in the case of stairs, people are constantly walking all over it.

You can preserve its aesthetic properties by cleaning it with water and neutral soap, and occasionally apply a self-polishing wax diluted in water.

Which Colour is Best for Microcement Stairs.

Most people choose grey when colouring their microscreed stairs. However, all kinds of colour combinations can be applied to make your stairs pop out or ease into the colour theme of your space.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Microcement on Stairs?

Because microcement does not require eliminating the previous material, it presents a budget-friendly option for renovating or enhancing stairs. The factors that greatly impact the costs of microscreed stairs is the size and number of steps involved as well as the contours that need to be covered. Just get in touch, we’ll gladly provide an obligation-free estimate for your stairs.

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