Microcement Wall

microcement wall

For most people walls represent boundaries and limits, but for others, it’s an outlet for expressing creative freedom. The choice of microcement for walls opens a wide range of possibilities for colour and texture combination like never before. Durable and easy to maintain, walls covered in microcement remain pristine for many years.

Modern and Stylish.

Waterproof and temperature resistant, microcement is the smart choice for enhancing the look of both the inside and outside of walls. Detailed work on covings, cornice, and soffits as well as careful attention to external angles and internal corners, create an enhanced look that is crisp, modern, and stylish.

Microcement is manually applied with a trowel, which creates a texture and finish that is uniquely unrepeatable. Additional design features, such as panel work and shadow gaps, can be used to create stunning interior visuals.

Microcement walls

A whole new world of possibilities.

Microcement opens up a whole new world of unexplored possibilities. Recently, we’ve been testing the limits of decoration with microscreed walls. Using advanced Venetian plastering techniques, we can create a wide range of long-lasting unrepeatable beauty.

With a huge range of colours, textures, and finishes to choose from, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

How much does a Microscreed wall cost?

The cost of a microcement wall varies a lot depending on the size of the wall and the type of finish that you want on it. Just get in touch with the finish that you’re after, the total number of square metres, the location of the job, and we’ll gladly provide an obligation-free estimate for your wall.

decorative concrete wall microcement

Do You Need a Building Permit to Install Microcement on Your Walls?

No, you don’t! Installing microcement on the wall is a very quick process with minimal inconvenience, plus it doesn’t generate any debris.

Can Microcement Also Be Used for Exterior Design?

YES, it can! Unlike the majority of resins that cannot withstand the elements, microcement is a great option for external applications such as walls, footpaths, terraces, porches, and swimming pool decks. The formula used in our product provides good protection from climatic stress, water penetration, UV rays, and de-icing salts.

Can a Microscreed Wall Trigger Health Problems?

No! After the drying phase is complete, microcement does not release any substance into the air. Unlike carpets, microcement does not trap dust, pollen, pet dander or hair. This makes it safe for adults, children, and those with health issues such as asthma.

Can I Change the Colour of the Wall Surface Once Created?

Microcement is very forgiving. If you don’t fancy a certain colour or finish, you can sand/roughen the surface and reapply microcement. This versatility makes it useful for the renewal or restoration of surfaces, for instance, when moving into premises with a pre-installed microcement design.

Are Microcement Surfaces Scratched Proof?

All surfaces, no matter how resistant, can be scratched. The microcement product is abrasion-resistant. However, just like the bodywork of cars, it can and will be scratched when subjected to stress with sharp objects. These scratches are more obvious on a smooth and shiny finish. If scratching might be an issue, we recommend going for an opaque finish or a very strict routine maintenance for your microscreed wall.

Can the colour and appearance of microcement change over time?

On its own, microcement ages really well. The type of pigments we use in beautifying microcement is different from fabric dye or normal paint that rapidly fades when exposed to UV rays. The colours we use are not only resistant to UV rays, but they also receive protective treatments to prevent rapid decolourization – especially for microcement designs exposed to the elements.

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