Microcement Worktop

microcement worktop

Gone are the days when giving the kitchen a new look meant painstakingly changing every element of it – even those you once loved. Today, you can get your dream kitchen by simply changing the right detail. For instance, renovating the worktop with Microcement.

The countertop or worktop is a central element in the kitchen that can be renovated with Microcement, giving your space a touch of beauty and originality while preserving décor style and material. 

Perk up Your Countertop with seamless Elegance.

From the “foodie” looking to duplicate restaurant-quality kitchens, to the simple homeowner looking for something high-end and contemporary but a little outside the box, microcement has got you covered. It is the only material that can be adapted to your taste or kitchen décor without necessarily breaking the bank.

It allows seamless coating of the countertop, giving your kitchen a modern aesthetic that is free from the annoying seams you would get with conventional 45x45cm tiles.

Microcement worktop
Concrete worktop microcement

Keep the worktop, change the look.

Maybe it was an accident or a silly mistake, microcement is a fantastic way to cover ugly marks on your countertop without having to get rid of it. Think of it like giving your kitchen makeup, it helps restore and enhance the look of any kitchen worktop without the need for a heavy and costly makeover.

Will A Microcement Worktop Crack?

No, it won’t! Surfaces covered in microcement are super tough and difficult to crack. Microcement has outstanding resistance to damage, which makes it perfect for kitchen countertops.

Microcement worktop

Will A Microcement Worktop Stain or Absorb Odour?

Microcement is susceptible to stains when it is yet to be sealed – sealing is the final step of the process. That’s why we only permit our clients to admire the work from afar until we’re done installing microcement on your worktop. When the microcement is sealed, it becomes impervious to stains, watermarks, and odours, so you can confidently wash dishes or prepare meals on the countertop without the fear of discolouring it.

Is Microcement Worktop Easy to Clean?

If there’s anything that a microcement worktop has in common with marble, granite, stainless steel countertops, it has to be the ease of cleaning. A properly sealed microcement worktop is waterproof. Meaning that it neither absorbs odour nor stain. Cleaning it is as simple as wiping the countertop with a wet rag or sponge and some neutral soap.

How Durable Is a Microcement Countertop?

There are specific treatments that make a microcement countertop resistant to abrasion, impact, and high temperatures. However, just because it is resistant to damage doesn’t mean you should rough handle it. Consider placing a towel on the microcement countertop to absorb some of the heat from your pot or kettle.

How Much Does a Microcement Worktop Cost?

It’s tough to ascertain the exact cost of a microcement countertop when we don’t know the details of the project. That’s because factors such as the size of the project, surface preparation required, the desired finish, and the location of the project, can influence the overall cost of the project. The best way to determine the potential cost is to get in touch, we’ll gladly provide an obligation-free estimate for your countertop.

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